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Full Version: Remote controlling kodi on Android host
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I have installed the official Kodi version from Google Play. In system settings there are no network status (mobile connected to Wifi), but I would still hope that remote controlling it could work. I have enabled the settings for webserver and allowing both upnp and remote controlling the system. These options wouldn't be there if it's not possible I guess?

Any experience with this?
As long as the device you're using as a remote and the device that has kodi running are on the same local network you should have no problems. But I'm assuming that when you say remote, you're talking about an Android or IOS remote app. Before I started using a physical remote control, I used an old Android phone to control my Linux installation and never had any problems. Good luck!
Push the button with the Home symbol on your IR remote and find your settings and Wifi settings from your Android launcher, from there you can verify network status just like with any other Android device, assuming you have a box as you neglected to provide details... Though I am scratching my head over "mobile connected to Wifi"... unless you mean on the phone you're trying to use as a remote?

There are remote apps for your phone like Yatse and KORE if that is what you mean by remote control, and the rest you can do a little research and read-up on in the menus or the Wiki or even in Yatse's help if still available in Google market or elsewhere. See that lovely WIKI button at the top of your browser... If you go to System:System Info:Summary you'll find the current IP of your device so you can directly enter it into the remote app or use the built-in discovery features. I have Yatse, works great, KORE was more a chore as I recall, no offense intended, but works well too. Watch out for when your router decides to renew your box's lease and changes it's IP unless you assign a static IP to it -your remote app will just suddenly no longer work until you change the IP at which it's trying to find KODI. Make sure WIFI is on for your Mobile device unless you leave it set to auto or your phone/remote will be off your Wifi...
I'm really sorry, I should have clarified: Kodi is running on an Android phone, and I want to control it using and Android phone with e.g. yatze or kore (I've been using yatze for my rpi installation).

On the Android host (read: I installed Kodi from Google play), there are no network status in system settingsConfusedummary. I don't have another Android phone to play with at the moment, but as bitterkitten mentioned, it shouldn't be a problem
Ok, I see what you're doing. If you run into trouble trying to figure out the IP address of the phone running Kodi (which you might need to set up Yatze or Kore), you can try an app called Fing found in the Google Play store. It allows you to see all devices connected to your network and their respective IP addresses.
Thanks for the replies. Got it working this evening with a WiFi hotspot running on the Android host together with Kodi. Connected the remote phone to said WiFi hotspot and was able to control it Smile thank you!