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Full Version: Clone a pendrive with OpenElec to another
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I have a pendrive with Open Elec and all my configuration an I'd like to move all to another pendrive (it's a 16 gb usb 3.0 so I think it's a waste to use it just for such a lightway OS and I'm not a fan of databases). I would just go copy&paste but it seems that there are 2 0 3 partitions in the pendrive.
Preferably, I want to do it in windows but I can easily use a live version of puppy if there is no (easy) way to do it in windows. BTW, I have tried in 3 computers with windows and none of them would show me the content of the pendrive but if I go to the partion administrator (I don't know the name in English) I can see the pendrive with 3 partitions.

Thank you!
I've used USBit (USB Image Tool) and Win32 Disk Imager for this in the past.
Just make sure the drive you're copying to is at least as big as the source.
As the names suggest, they will both write (or save) a bit-for-bit image.
There are plenty of other similar tools, those are just the 2 I've tried.
On linux, use dd