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Full Version: Music Videos not showing under Music (just under Videos/Music Videos)
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Kodi 15 RC2 finally has support for built-in chapters (thank you developers) so I decided to include my Concerts in Kodi library (now when I can select individual song from chapter menu)
I want to put them under music videos (confluence skin), and per this wiki page Music_Videos (wiki) I should be able to see my Music videos under Videos menu / Music videos AND in Music menu.
Quote:Kodi has the ability to include Music Videos in the Video and Music libraries. All scanned music videos will show up in both.

This is my folder structure for one music video
MUSIC VIDEOS / DAVID FOSTER / LIVE IN NEW YORK 2008 / David Foster - Live in new York 2008.mkv and next to .mkv file I have .nfo file "DAVID FOSTER - Live in New York 2008.nfo"

Content of that .nfo file is:
<title>Hit man - David Foster & friends 2008</title>
<artist>David Foster</artist>
<album>Hit man - David Foster & friends 2008</album>

I scan folder MUSIC VIDEOS and select nfo (scraper), but my music video only shows under VIDEOS menu / Music video and not under MUSIC (menu) Music videos

I am very careful about my library and how my Kodi works and behaves and I would really like to hide that VIDEOS (menu) once I set up my Kodi, but then I wont be able to access my Music videos

I've read pages and pages forum related posts on subject Music videos and all I could find is something like this:
Quote:I think I figured it out. If you go into Videos and "Set Content" on the Music Videos folder it will go through and scan all the video in that folder and then add them into "Music Videos" in the Music sub-menu.

But that is simply not the case with me.

Please, what am I doing wrong?
How are you accessing? In Confluence skin, in Music main menu select "library" submenu. That gives a list of music library view nodes which includes music videos. Confluence doesn't have "music video" as a submenu item itself. Note that as of Kodi 15, you can modify the library view node structure if you want from default. (That won't change Confluence submenus though).

scott s.
So, that's the catch.....Confluence doesn't have Music Video submenu!!!
That absolutely didn't cross my mind because main wiki page said "All scanned music videos will show up in both.", and Confluence is default skin - so I thought if I have Music Videos submenu in Videos, that I should have Music Video submenu in Music.

One more interesting thing is that I don't have Library view in Music (is that maybe because I don't have any music scanned to Kodi....I only have Movies, TV Shows, and now I'm trying to have Music Videos

Here are some pictures (I'm trying this with Kodi RC2 - fresh install, so I don't have my Movies and TV Shows scanned yet, only working with that one Music Video)

Under Videos, I have Music Video Submenu

If I click Music Videos submenu - we can see that I actually have one recognized music video (David Foster and friends)

But, Under Music, I don't have any submenu (you say that's because of the Confluence skin)

And if I click Music - there's nothing there....no way to access my music video, and we know I scanned David Foster to Kodi as music video


Now, if you say to me that there is no way to access my music video via Music menu (or submenu or.....) with default Confluence skin, I will accept Kodi limitations and hope for better future, but if there IS a way, please let me know.
Pick a better skin, Aeon MQ5\6, Ace, Aeon Nox, etc. all have the ability to have Music Videos, as a Main Page Item too.
That is correct. Sorry but Confluence doesn't have a menu option for Music Videos on the main screen. It is definitely something to keep in mind for when an update to the skin happens.
OK, thank you all for your replys.
Maby in the future...
Still, Kodi is great peace of software!
(2015-07-15, 01:42)ivan Wrote: [ -> ]OK, thank you all for your replys.
Maby in the future...
Still, Kodi is great peace of software!

On Confluence, most of the music submenus won't display unless you have a music source that has been scanned to the music library.

scott s.