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Full Version: Transparency on android
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I have tried several skins until I stumble on transparency which I loved from the beginning for its beauty and simplicity.
On trying to tailor to my needs I came to two problems for which I need your help.
1. Subtitles manual search gone?? Is this function available?
2. When I try to insert an image as background I only get black screen. Image is downloaded on downloads file.
For info system is on M8 android box.
Thanks in advance for your replies
1. press 'left' when you're on the list of available sutitles.
a new menu will appear, with the option to enter a manual search string..


2. please describe step-by-step what you're trying to do.
Ronie Hi,

Thanks for your quick response. Ok here is the problem : Settings/skin settings/backgrounds/home_custom1 or 2 or 3/select single image then system takes me to another menu where I select the image I want to select (external storage/downloads since I have downloaded the image from the web). Now after I select the image I get a black screen. As i said in my first message I'm on M8 android 4.4.2 kit-kat and Kodi 14.2.
I'm also running a TVMC version on my laptop on which I can select an image whereas on my android box I cannot causing the aforesaid problem.
i don't haven't tried on an android system, but it works fine with external storage on linux.

maybe a Debug Log will provide some clues..
could you enable debug logging in kodi and repeat those steps?
when your done, please upload the logfile to xbmclogs.com
I've using an Android MK808b-plus with T! and Kodi 15 RC2 (jump to Isengard, it's painless and lost of nice Android fixes) and have custom backgrounds and images. I set up a friend with an M8 and it doesn't seem to have issues either. Perhaps the image is the incorrect size/aspect and is swamping the gfx system?