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Full Version: Shortcut keys mapping problem (right click bookmarks interface will be invalid)
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Often used to bookmark function, but worse, if the pop-up bookmarks interface, must press the ESC key to return.

How do I press the right mouse button can return?

In other words, if the effect of the do right click and press the ESC key effect is the same?

Previous version 11.0, now 14. X version but not line?Huh

I try to version 11.0(eden) of the keyboard.XML and mouse.XML to cover, however, there is no use.
You can also use the 'backspace button/key' to exit the bookmark window. The way bookmarks works has changed slightly and is auto populated with chapters.
i think it's a bug in kodi (same issue exists in confluence).
please create a ticket on trac.
Or am I to answer this question by yourself.

Find and use the software, such as the application UltraEdit editor mouse.xml(C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\system\keymaps)

In front of the </keymap> add the following code:

Quote: <VideoBookmarks>