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Full Version: Problem starting up Kodi + Argus + SQL Server
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when starting PC & Kodi. Argus PVR gets blocked (and kodi also) for some endless seconds, apparently because Database is still not ready.
The PVR start progress bar freezes at some point, saying that PVR is trying to start. Kodi freezes also, no response to commands, news headlines stopped...etc

I had initially MySQL, so I removed it and replaced it by SQL Server Express, because I read somewhere in the wiki that in case of connection delays that was the recommended option.
The result is slightly different but more or less same problem.

So maybe the problem is not the DB but something else, but not sure where to check logs or something...

someone else has same problem??

thank you

(2015-07-17, 14:31)akbar.mehran66 Wrote: [ -> ]اکبر
(2015-07-17, 14:33)akbar.mehran66 Wrote: [ -> ]چت

Allahu akbar
Ok, so fresh installs, reset dbs from scratch, tried both mysql and the other.

Tried mediaportal, was ok, so bye argus.