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Full Version: The Movie Database scraper - still pulls in local fanart when fanart disabled
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As the thread title says. Even if I deselect 'Enable Fanart' in the scraper settings, the scraper still pulls in fanart if a fanart jpeg exists in the movie source folder.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour?
Any update to this?

I keep fanart/poster/nfo in my movie folders but I have certain machines (low power/low storage) which I don't want pulling in fanart. I don't use fanart views on these boxes so I simply don't want/need them to pull in the fanart. It slows the scraping/update process, takes up space etc.

When setting up the sources, I tell the default movie scraper (The Movie Database) not to scrape fanart but it does it anyway (if fanart is present in the movie folder).

Not doing what it is told, this behaviour is surely unintended?