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Full Version: Order in Channel Group?
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I have ARGUS running with a channel group called FAVOURITES.
In this group i have my channels ordered by my taste.

In KODI the channels are not sorted like the Favourite group in ARGUS !?
How can i fix this problem?
As I understand it (which might not be correct) the Argus TV server is heavily based on the MediaPortal TV server. Certainly with MediaPortal, the channel order is not transmitted to the Kodi client. Rather than ordering the channels in Argus, you have to renumber the channels, since Kodi uses the channel numbers.

Hope this helps.
Ah okay. I allready installed kodi for testing in version 14 a couple of month ago.
Out of the box everything was okay. So i was wondering this time.

I will try to set channel numbers and see what happened.

See here, seems like a new problem in 15