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Full Version: Many problems with kodi
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Hi there,

Before I tell you what's wrong you must know I'm very much a newbie to kodi and android boxes.

I've had my box one day and now I can't open it, go on any of the kodi add ons or even view anything in full screen.

First the kodi app only opens every now and then, which isn't very often. However if it does open I can't go on any of the Addons without a black screen appearing! In very rare cases I manage to dodge all of this but when I click a film I can't view it in full screen, I can see it if I go back but the menu is in the way.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Which addons are you talking about.

Be aware of this:

Official:Forum_rules/Banned_add-ons (wiki)
Every add on, even settings bring up a blank screen
Debug Log

which android box are you using? Bought from where?
Mxq from eBay
ok....so I guess it's preloaded with all of those addons mentioned above. But let us see the Debug Log, please
Not sure how to do that?