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Full Version: Wired networks issue
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Good evening all.

I have a revo which has kodibuntu installed. I need to use the wired connection as wireless just doesn't work well.

I'm reasonable novice but can find my way around.

I've gone back into the kodi desktop and disabled wireless.

I cannot get the wired connection to work. I've tried Automatic DHCP and it continuously tries to obtain an IP address (constant circling green arrows).

I've tried setting the connection up manually using an IP outside of the DHCP pool and I get the grey outbound and inbound arrows (suggesting a working connection?) but am unable to connect to the Internet or even ping the router.

I've no idea how to start troubleshooting in kodibuntu and would appreciate any help.

Edit: spelling. network status corrections
Can you get us some screenshots from your Kodi desktop network connections screen? Showing wired and wireless.

and then please the output of

cat /etc/network/interfaces


Hi David,

output of cat /etc/network/interfaces is
# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

images attached of connections with wireless disabled, and of ifconfig with wireless disabled and then enabled.

Wireless connects straight away. I'm beginning to think the network card is acting up (I've replaced the cat6 cable already)



the last image is with manual IPV4 settings.
Can anyone help with this?
As you already did...I would recommend to use a static IP for your HTPC. It's much easier to access it via putty or anything else if the IP is always the same.

If this still doesn't work, I bet you forgot to enter an IP for the DNS in the settings. Try to enter the same IP for the DNS as for the gateway (your router) and report back if this works, please.