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Full Version: Intel NUC wiki
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I checked FAQs and did a search to see if there is a particular thread for posting Wiki issues and/or updates, but came up with nothing. Would it be worthwhile creating a sticky thread for this type of thing?

Came across a broken link in Para. 3.1 on the Intel NUC page, it's the 32 and 64 bit hyperlinks: http://kodi.wiki/view/Intel_NUC

I think it would be better to point to here instead of a dedicated 32 or 64 bit driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/
Normally we just encourage people to sign up for a wiki account and make changes directly as they see fit :)

In any case, link updated.
How does one get a Wiki account?
Sent a request in. Will there be a guide on modifying the wiki sent via email? Got a wiki on how to edit the wiki?
I have some scattered notes on Help:Main Page (wiki).
All sorted thanks.