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Full Version: Video titles appearing twice in library when SMB mounted on client
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I have my movies on a NAS //nasbox/multimedia/movies

This is mounted locally as /mnt/movies

I add /mnt/movies to the Kodi video scan list, and assign it to the "Movies" library.

There are no other directories listed to be scanned,

I do the scan

Under Videos -> Files I see the video files listed correctly

I now scan the items to the Library.

When I go to list Movies > Recently Added I see every video file listed twice.

Checking the information on each doubly listed file I see that one is derived from the mount point (/mnt/movies). The other is derived from the SAMBA link - smb://nasbox/multimedia/movies

Question, why is Kodi pulling the information from the smb: link when I haven't added it to the video files list?

PS: I have kludged around this by not scanning the local mount point, using the SMB link only. Nevertheless, the question remains.

seems you have a vido source smb://nasbox/multimedia/movies defined. Check sources.xml