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Full Version: Wiki - Windows 7 SMB Configuration
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Looking to change/update some info here: SMB/Windows (wiki)

A few things:

- Doesn't matter if a Homegroup is active, in fact it works better if there is one (confirmed working with OpenELEC and Droid Kodi)
- Remove some of the "personal" and make it more informative
- Include links like this one, instead of a massive body of text: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windo...-homegroup

If given the go ahead, a post will be made in the Windows thread to confirm SMB functionality with other hardware and Win 7 and an update of other known issues.

Edit: Found this - http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=63123. This can be referred to at some point.

Edit: Is it possible to get a wiki prefix?
Windows is my weakness, so feel free to change things as you see fit ;)

What do you mean by wiki prefix?
When starting a new thread you can choose from a list of thread prefixes, this one is currently Windows. Wanting to know if a Wiki one could be created easily?
Is there really a need for a prefix? To be honest, some of the ones we have now don't really serve a major purpose. If anything, I think it might be nice to have a "wiki" subforum in this forum, but only if there are enough threads for it. Either way, it's fairly straight forward to see which threads about the wiki or not :)

Not that I really have strong feelings on it either way. Whatever the forum admins (a level above what I have access to) think works. I'll let them decide.
Sub-Forum under the Website discussion could be handy. At least there would be a dedicated area for forum users to list issues/corrections in the wiki.