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Full Version: Photo and Video Slideshow Help!!
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What I am trying to achieve is this:-

Raspberry Pi B+
It should load up with any compatible OS (probably raspbian I'm guessing)
connect to a windows share
have kodi or anything else that can do the job load up at start-up and display a slideshow of the contents of the folder which is made up of photo's and short videos.
It should loop and check for added or removed files at the end/start of each loop.(This slideshow will be running 9am-5pm)

I'm here because after a week of searching the only program that could even show photos and videos in the same slideshow was kodi.
I put some photos and videos in a folder, navigated to them in the pictures menu and brought up the left side menu and choose slideshow and that worked.
I need it to work from command line though I think I did find some slideshow switches but don't know how to use them.

Can anyone help? If I'm missing any information I will reply quickly.


Why no replies? Is this seen as impossible or an outrageous request?
Maybe the slideshow screensaver can be used to automatically start this. Once it is selected as a screensaver, we can even make Kodi start the slideshow right away when it boots up, so you don't have to wait for the idle timer. I'm just not sure if it looks for new files or not.
Thanks for your input.
I didn't manage to get a screensaver to actually cycle through photos and videos, I had to choose the slideshow option in the picture side menu.
alanbaker did you manage to play photos and videos in the one screensaver?