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Full Version: Kodi15 with VNSI: Audio drops & Out of Sync
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I seem to have the same issue as described in the thread "Sound skipping / IPTV Simple Client", but with VNSI on an Intel NUC 34010 using KodiBuntu/OpenELEC (Isengard). It only happens while watching LiveTV with VNSI. Other streams and tv recordings are running fine and what's totaly weird is that LiveTV with XVDR is also running without any issue!
It all started with the first Beta release of Isengard. I tried different (most recent too) version of the vnsi addon and plugin but nothing could solve the issue.

Please tell me which further infos do you need in order to track down this issue.

Debug-Log of Kodi:
20:48:49 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68467160574.428711, should be:68467172752.319595, error:12177.890884
20:49:01 T:140519405934336   DEBUG: CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed set clock adjust: -0.010000
20:49:09 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68487226034.857597, should be:68487215633.091881, error:-10401.765717
20:49:09 T:140519397541632   DEBUG: CDVDPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement - hurry: 1
20:49:11 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68489221043.266876, should be:68489231485.070793, error:10441.803917
20:49:11 T:140519405934336   DEBUG: CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed set clock adjust: -0.010000
20:49:15 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68493242156.818794, should be:68493231760.274033, error:-10396.544762
20:49:17 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68495236993.933037, should be:68495247392.607796, error:10398.674759
20:49:21 T:140519405934336   DEBUG: CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed set clock adjust: -0.010000
20:49:27 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:68505274157.201790, should be:68505263767.187759, error:-10390.014030
20:49:27 T:140519397541632   DEBUG: CDVDPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement - hurry: 1
20:49:29 T:140519309043456   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 4 times.
please poste complete logs at pastebin.com
While creating the following log i had many video stutters (what i called "out of sync" in the headline) while watching TV. Audio drops didn't appear this time.


Note: This time i used OpenELEC (special version "VAAPI with EGL interoperation"). I also tried KodiBuntu and all different "offcial" relesases of OpenELEC V5.95.x with the same result.
It is me who has written the EGL code and it is based on top of 16.0. I did not backport it to 15.0, means that there may be errors. Please use either an official 15.0 version or this ppa ppa:wsnipex/xbmc-fernetmenta-master
does it make a difference if you enable "sync playback to display" ?
As written the same issues and log entries appear with the official 5.95.x version of OpenELEC and also on Kodibuntu using the official PPAs of Kodi15. Do you however need another log with one of these versions?

Just saw your second post: No difference when "sync playback to display" turned on.

Whats totally weird for me is that these issues completely disappear when using xvdr. Didn't had the time to try e.g. TVH yet.
please post a log with "sync playback to display" active
First thx for your support!

I reverted to official OpenELEC 5.95.3 and turned sync on as requested for the following log:
unlike the other log, this one does not indicate audio drops. what exactly did you observe and when (with regard to timestamps in the log)
Sorry for confusing: Audio drops appear only after several times of switching between different channels. Will try to reproduce it with log enabled..

The other issue is that i have continous stutters: The video seems to pause for a very short time. It's mostly visible when the camera pans horizontal and therefore extremely visible when watching SKY HD Bundesliga. Timestamps for example: 20:13:26 , 20:16:57, ... , 20:20:00
20:20 ist right after channel switch. does it happen midstrem too?

what it you set deinterlace method to deinterlace?
The following log was created while using XVDR. Here the log is "clear" without any "sync", "hurry" and so on messages. Maybe this helps...

(2015-07-21, 21:11)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]20:20 ist right after channel switch. does it happen midstrem too?

what it you set deinterlace method to deinterlace?
It also happens midstream and i tried every offered deinterlacing method without success. Is the deinterlacing functionality not a general functionality and is therefore independent of the addon being used?
yes but I don't think this is an addon problem. maybe we should not discuss too many issues in a single thread. I don't see any audio drops or sync issues when resampling is used. for non-resampling method I just PRed a fix.

Ok, trying to avoid mixing things up (it's difficult for one who doesn't have written the code and therefore don't know the dependencies of different symptoms)

Does this new fix mean that vnsi needs resampling and xvdr not and therefore this fix will help or am i totally wrong with my conclusion?
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