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Full Version: Tvheadend on genietech atv310b
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Hello Guys, first I apologize for my English is not really good . I have an old Mygica atv310b box , he works with linux xbmc 13.0 m3 arm processor is a single core . Xbmc is linux but in this version is limited not have git not have apt -get the only thing that works is wget . In this situation , how can I install tvheadend as backend ? Is there a quick way ?
Tk in advance
I think you're mostly out of luck unless you can figure it out yourself. You'll have to compile tvheadend either directly on the box or cross-compile it from your PC (more complicated), then you have to hope that the kernel used on the device actually supports any DVB tuners etc. You're much better of installing tvheadend on some other hardware, then you can use whatever device for Kodi/watching.