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Full Version: Isengard - kodi don't remember volume level
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Don't know if I'm the only one but when I'm watching TV channels (with tvheadend) there are différents levels of volume sound between channels.
So when I increase volume sound for a channel, the next time I come back to that channel, Kodi stay at the same volume than others channels.
It seams that Kodi doesn't remember that adjustment ...

Someone else had notice that ?

Did I understand this right? You want volume saved per channel?
Thats what I understood he wants.
Yes, but perhaps this is not possible by channel ?
(cause I've got one channel -Paramount channel- wich have volume level very very low, and when I watch that channel, I must put the volume very high)

Isn't possible channel by channel Huh
No, atm you cant save audio volume per anything
Ha ok, It would be great to have the possibility to do audio and video adjustments for only one or each channel ... such as audio delay between video wich is not the same in my case for TNT TV channels and IPTV channels ...
So if kodi doesn't "remember" those adjustments on each channel, they have nothing to do here, should be on Général parameters ....

oui oui, mon general, a tout suite avec grand vitesse.

Only joking.