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Full Version: Kore stopped connecting after setting up Harmony 650
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Hi Kodi Community, new to the forum. I decided last night to see if I could get my Harmony 650 remote to work with my RPi2, it was fairly easy to setup but shortly after I noticed Kore app (Android / KitKat) stopped working all together. I'm a bit lost on what to do to regain Kore access, let me explain what was done before it stopped working.

First off both my TVs are LG, both remotes that came with TVs work on both televisions. I enabled SimpleLink and the remote quickly started working with basic left/right/up/down & OK funtions, so did the Harmony 650 remote. I then decided to keymap a few buttons like back funtion on my 650 remote using the Keymap Editor script for Kodi by takoi, none of the buttons seemed to pick up when editing so I canceled edit. I then switched the HDMI port on the back of the television & noticed none of the remotes were working so I switched back to HDMI port I originally used.

At this point I realize Kore has stopped functioning properly so I went into Kodi system settings under input devices and viewed the peripheral settings for CEC Adapter, there are grey text across settings that say "THERE ARE NO SETTINGS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PERIPHERAL." I then click enabled to disable and enable again, same text still appear so I click default settings & OK.

My TV remotes still work but no back funtions, Yatse kinda works but shows Kodi offline. I reinstalled Kore and media centers show up for both Win7 & RPi2 but when I try to connect I get "Couldn't Connect to Kodi / XBMC, please check configurations. My configurations are set properly, even when I enter MAC address it won't connect. I went to check if over was giving same problem and sure enough it does.

I reset my router and modem and the problem still occurs, also I restored Kodi from a backup I made the other day with Kore working and still have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Its only been a day & I already miss using Kore.
After scratching my head over this issue a bit searching Google via android browser I noticed a few web pages were giving me a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error, which reminded me that I setup AdBlock Plus onto my android device earlier that day, disabling AdBlock fixed my issue. I thought it was a bit weird both media centers wouldn't connect after restarting modem/router with no firewall, sorry for the dumb moment I just had but all is well now. Smile