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Full Version: pvr.hts & multiple recordings
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when i have multiple recordings for one broadcast (eg. by aborting and restarting a recording, which creates a second file with "-1" suffixed), i see both in the "recordings" screen, but only the first is played, no matter which i select.
I'd expect either to be able to play each file separately, or to get both concatenated transparently.
Also, both look exactly the same, since only the show name and time is displayed, not the suffix or actual recording time.

(i'm on raspberry pi, last milhouse isengard build)
Can you post a debug log (wiki) where you try to play both files? That way I can hopefully determine whether it's Kodi or the tvheadend that is at fault.
i recorded twice a few seconds of "Die Truman Show", which created files Die Truman Show.2015-07-22.22-15.ts and Die Truman Show.2015-07-22.22-15-1.ts
but only the first is displayed/played twice from the recordings window.

(Oh, i updated to kodi J yesterday, but i don't think there's a difference in this)
I will have to investigate when I'm home again, I have a feeling recordings from tvheadend have the same ID in these cases which is why Kodi gets confused.
Okay so it's definitely a bug in tvheadend: https://tvheadend.org/issues/3025. I'll see if there's any response on the ticket, otherwise we may have to hack around it in the addon.
Should be fixed by 8219 (PR)
Thank you, works as advertised!