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Full Version: Remote Access?
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Hey guys I was a mythbuntu user a long time ago, then built a Win 7 media center pc and now I'm building a new box and was planning on using Kodibuntu.

Just waiting on a few more parts to arrive.

This has been a long ongoing process and now I've taken a job overseas. We won't have access to american programing, but I was wondering... if I left my kodibuntu box running would there be a way to remotely access it over the web and then ftp or ssh the downloaded programs over the web to my location for viewing?

Just a crazy idea I had...

Anyone done this?
FYI this is he kind of system I'm trying to duplicate:

Careful about 'downloaded' - you'll fall off the forum rules (wiki) pretty quickly. Kodi is for enjoyment of media, not for wholesale pillaging the internet for the stuff.

That said, a couple of thoughts:

1. Sure you can. If your remote system is accessible remotely then you can upload/download what you need to. It's a matter of DDNS, static IPs, and a bit of config.

2. It sounds like you're really looking at needing a PVR. That would give you a backend in the US that could tune to and record programs, and then you could stream them to your non-US location (upload/download/transcoding notwithstanding) or otherwise transfer them for local use.

Given your Myth background, you could just use that to record programs, and then use Kodi at your non-US location to watch them, yes?