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Full Version: Cannot play recordings from the recordings section
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Dear All,

I am using kodi 15 15.0~git20150711.2150-rc2-0vivid with the kodi-pvr-hts:i386 (2.1.8-3~vivid pvr addon.

Tvheadend is version : 4.1.18~gec3ba93~utopic

I can watch live tv, timeshift works etc, but when from within the live-tv section in kodi, i try and play a recording, i can hear the selection sound, but then nothing more happens, gives me no visible error message.

I can however if i go into video/files and browse to my recordings directory, play the recorded tv files without a problem.

Can anyone help me fix this?

Debug log here in case something can be found : http://paste.ubuntu.com/11936356/

Many thanks in advanced.
Update to a newer version of tvheadend.
The version you are using has a known bug with that issue.
Quote:14:14:59 T:2645539648 DEBUG: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - vfs open file=dvr/1143791382
14:14:59 T:2645539648 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - Command fileOpen failed: DVR entry does not have a file yet
14:14:59 T:2645539648 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - vfs failed to open file

Must be a bug in tvheadend, can you try another version? I recommend running the 4.0 branch instead of master if you value stability.
Many thanks for the help guys, seems they stopped producing builds for ubuntu i386 , so i compiled my own, i seem to have gone down in version as it said i was downgrading when i installed it, now running 4.1-360~g0916e52 but playing recordings now work.