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Full Version: kodibuntu - tvheadend stopped working - Isengard
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A few days ago my system was upgraded to isengard, and ever since- the tveadend client keeps going back to being "disabled".
The backend works fine.
In the "install addon from repo" menu - PVR category is not listed.
help needed,
Install the "kodi-pvr-hts" package, we screwed up the naming when moving to Isengard so the PVR addon package won't get upgraded automatically. It's about to get fixed but for now this is what you'll have to do.
why didn't i check the forum earlier Rolleyes thanks for the help!
Being an absolute newby to ubuntu and kodi, after several hours setting up a new media computer based on the Intel nuc got everything working as I wanted using tvheadend only to find yesterday tvheadend no longer works. Found out that kodi got updated to isengard in an automatic update at the same time.

I suspect that it may be the same issue but being a newby and rather than waiting for the fix to be released can anyone give me a helping hand by descibing the process to update to kodi-pvr-hts.

Many thanks in advance.

Problem solved.
Uninstalled tvheadend client frim within Kodi.
Then from the terminal entered
Sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-hts
Re-lanched kodi and went to configure tvheadend client
Set backend address to
Closed down kodi and re-launched and presto all working again.

All the best Graham