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Full Version: Multiple recording disks, is it possible ??
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So I have setup my Kodi box running TVheadend and everything is fine after sorting out a few configuration issues. However my Fujitsu-Siemens media centre is old from the era of AMD64 E3000 and the standard harddrive it came with is just 80GB. I want to add another salvaged laptop 80GB harddrive to expand my recording space. However after a bit of digging it seems there is no way to run two recording disks - I either set it to the new 80GB disk or leave it pointed at the original /home/hts directory.

Is it possible to make it use both in a relatively straightforward way ?

I am going to try following this howto:


That guide worked for me (with a few additional steps along the way). I created a LVM on the second disk. I managed to incorporate one unused partition on my primary disk into the LVM on my second disk. I then used a bootable Gparted disk to resize my primary system partition to free up another 22G. This I then brought it into the LVM software RAID. I copied across my HTS recordings to the new LVM. I got a total of 122G of drive at the end, I could have grabbed a bit more by deleting the original HTS recordings and freeing up another 10G of primary partition - but I didn't want to do that in case anything went wrong.

The only three tricky parts were extending the ext4 file system into the growing LVM as I went along (the original instruction was for reisfs and I was using ext4), changing permissions for the LVM so that both myself and the hts user could access them, and getting the new LVM to mount at bootup - the exact line given in the Howto I used got me there in the end.

I am quite happy with that result and it only took me about 2hours in total.