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Full Version: Jump to next folder during audio playback
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Hi Everyone,

I'm building a car audio player based on Kodi. It uses a touch screen and remote control.
So controlling it is rather difficult for me.

I have all my music sorted in an genre\artist\album structure.
My questions are:

1. Is there a way to have Kodi play a song from the next folder when last song in current folder's done (it works with a playlist, but i'd rather not use it since it'll force me to recreate the playlist each time i add files in the car)
2. Is there a way to force jump to the next folder, preferably using the IR remote (lirc)?
3. I know there's a way to start Kodi in the File Manager by default. Is there a way to start in a specific folder?

I couldn't find references to these questions in the forums. Sorry if i missed them.

Thanks in advance,