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Full Version: Export video library behaves different
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Normally if I want to export my library to seperate files, Kodi starts directly to export the NFOs to the folders where the movies are stored (a NAS in my case). Using Kodi 16 now, I'm asked for a destination folder for the export, which I only know of, if I want to export to a single file.

Kodi.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11949656/

What I did in that log:

- start kodi
- went to system settings->video->library->export library
- choose "seperate"

then a new window appears where I'm asked for the destination folder. I stopped at this point and closed Kodi.

Am I doing something completely wrong or is this a bug?

This serms to fix it...


Thanks to un1versal for fixing. I set this to solved for now a try to confirm tomorrow.