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Full Version: Folder appears but no episodes are visible (for some shows)
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I'm having trouble getting Adventure Time episodes to show up on Kodi on my Nexus Player. Here's the relevant info:

  • key art for Adventure Time appears in TV Shows but when I select the show, the directory is empty -- no episodes are shown
  • other shows (e.g., The Americans) show key art and episodes within the folder. Those work just fine and follow the same naming and directory convention
  • I can access and play the episodes if I navigate through them via Files

Log: http://xbmclogs.com/pcln2xcac
(looks like the scraper starts and stops immediately)

File naming: S03E01 Conquest of Cuteness.mkv, ..., S03E24 Dad's Dungeon.mp4

Directory structure:
- TV Shows (Kodi's 'TV Shows' points here)
-- The Americans
--- Season 1
---- Episodes
-- Adventure Time
--- Season 3
---- Episodes

System setup:
- RPi serving episodes on wireless network via SMB
- ufw and openvpn running on RPi but should be set up correctly (can access files just fine and all other network functionality is intact)

- no .nfo files in any directories
- movies and other TV shows being scraped as expected
Unfortunately that's not a debug log and so the relevant information is missing. Please enable debug logging in system settings and scrape again.
Thanks for the response and sorry about that -- here's the debug log: http://xbmclogs.com/pzsd9aoot

It looks like it's pulling the correct info for season 1 from tvdb and then failing to match that via title search. Any idea why it wouldn't be pulling season 3 info from tvdb instead?
Looks like content was set on season 3 folder as well. Please change it to none in case it's set and it should add those files just fine.
You might as well have set obsolute numbering in content/scraper settings. Please check that as well Smile
OK, I tried to set the "TV Shows" folder to "none". This caused all of the shows to disappear.

Just in case I'm doing that wrong, I followed these steps:
- go into "TV Shows"
- hit back arrow twice to navigate to "Files"
- hover on "TV Shows" and press context menu button > "Change content" > "This directory contains None"

When I set the folder back to "TV Shows", I reverted back to the old state -- Adventure Time cover art is visible but when I navigate into it, no shows appear. If I try to change the content to "none" for the "Season 3" folder (while keeping the parent Adventure Time folder to "TV Shows"), Adventure Time disappears altogether.

I've tried "DVD order", "Absolute order" and neither. After each, I did a rescan but the issue persists.

Other findings
I only have 2 shows in the "TV Shows" folder (Adventure Time and The Americans.) The Americans episodes also now no longer appear -- only the cover art. This is the same issue which was previously isolated to Adventure Time.

In case it's helpful, here's an updated debug log where I set the content source to none, then set it to TV Shows with no ordering selected, then do a scan: http://xbmclogs.com/phjlkjhmg


Just as I was about to hit submit, I went and checked the folders one last time. To my surprise, Adventure Time episodes were again appearing in "TV Shows"! Buuut... The Americans episodes have disappeared... Any idea what might be going on? Thanks for your continued help!
Without looking at the db file in detail, I'd guess that the content is totally messed up. Easiest would be to nuke the MyVideoXX.db file in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/Databses and start fresh.
That did the trick! Thank you so much. Smile
Yay, glad to hear it's working now.