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Full Version: how to delete a folder
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This is probably a silly question,

i'm getting a script error trying to run total installer v2,, i've tried reinstalling several times,

someone suggested :

"deleting /userdata/addon_data/plugin.program.totalinstaller folder"

not sure how to get access to the folder to delete it, its a gbox running OpenELec.?

thanks for any replies,
Easiest way for you is to probably Goto the inbuilt file manager and delete it from there.

You see Profile Directory already added. Profile Directory is the user data folder

Full path is.

I guess that's why i'm not sure OpenELec boots right into kodi 14.1, so im note sure were a file manage is,
Its part of Kodi read Filemanager (wiki)
ah ok, thanks for that will check it out