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Full Version: Kodi Streaming From Home PC on PS3 Working!!!
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Hi Guys not sure if this has been said already or not but You can Stream Movies and TV Shows (You have download or copied) Stream to a PS3 for viewing. It does mostly work. You can't play MKV's but most MP4s and AVIs will play. On the PS3 when you connect to Kodi You can either play the files from Recently Added (Movies or TV Shows) or you have to go to the file through the Files Selection (ie Scroll down to Files-->(Folder Where The File Is)--> File). For me it would be
Files-->Marvel Movies-->Live Action--> X-Men Collection-->X-Men Days Of Futures Past [The Rogue Cut] (2014)-->X-Men Days Of Futures Past [The Rogue Cut] (2014).mp4
I know it might seem like a lot of work but its not. I don't know if you can do the same on PS4 or even if PS4 Supports MKVs. Also not sure if you can bypass Cinavia (just connect you PS3 only to your Computer NO INTERNET) with this but...
wow 80+ views and no comment
Are you asking a question?

Kodi is not a server for Playstations. It doesn't work well for that. Most UPnP servers have to do transcoding or remuxing the file container to get playstations to playback more things, because Sony's a dick.
No I'm not asking a question I'm letting people know that Kodi does slightly work for PS3 along with what actually works for it. If you would have actually read my post you would have known that. And Yea Sony is a Dick that Loves Eating Dicks. But I would rather use the PS3 interface for streaming form a home computer then how the Xbox 360 has it set up.
Since the whole point of Kodi is to be the interface running on the TV itself, and not a server to any console garbage, I don't think anyone cares.
Kodi doesn't even have much of a hand in this, or at all.

It is just simple file sharing, much like how my Samsung Smart TV (connected to my home network) can see the same files I share with my NUC (refer sig).