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Full Version: android remote freezing
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i have an android cs918 using kodi 14.2 using wireless keyboard and original remote. remote functions freeze up after a few minutes after navigating through the kodi program. The only thing that will work is the mousepad. i can go back to the android home screen and back to kodi the keyboard will work again for a short period of time. ive tried several different keyboards still the same. ive tried different versions of kodi and same thing. is there a setting somewhere that will fix this issue. i got three boxes from the same supplier and all three boxes are doing the same thing. any suggestions will be appreciated.
surely someone has a suggestion to try..im at my wits in with this..ill try anything thxs in advance
This is the support forum for Kore, the kodi remote app, not for Kodi on Android.

You should ask here: http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=164
thank you