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Full Version: Keyboard woes
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Well here is something confounding. Just installed Kodibuntu14. Everything installed fine. I was able to set up username and password and anything else that requires a keyboard.
Reboot finished install, boots find into kodi desktop, no keyboard.
This is one of those things that turns people off Linux. I will find a cure a life will go on but holy whore these little stupid things should not happen. If the keyboard works during install and then doesn't that's a HUGE problem.
It's a Logitech K400. I'm sure someone will tell me that I need to install drivers and then it will work, which is a bunch of crap because it works during install.
Now off to find a cure.
(2015-07-30, 09:21)David1977 Wrote: [ -> ]The Cure: http://theherofeed.com/wp-content/upload...e-cure.jpg