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Full Version: Ubuntu
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I have managed to install Ubuntu and Kodi but have no sound on Kodi.
Can anybody tell me how to uninstall Ubuntu and I could start afresh.
Thanks Rob
I think it's not needed to uninstall ubuntu. But if you want....just take the installer you used to install ubuntu again and your disk will be wiped. So everything is gone (incl. Kodi) and you could start from fresh.

But I guess, if you would provide a Debug Log we might be able to fix your problem, as I don't think the OS is the culprit.


And if you don't need ubuntu, I would take a look at OpenELEC. As this might be easier to install for starters like you. No offense Wink
Read Pulseaudio (wiki) or use Kodibuntu (wiki) if you want to reinstall. then Upgrade Kodi to v15 via ppa, also on wiki how to.