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Full Version: I ask easy installation
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I ask to now

what is the reason if wont kodi in linux that there is not option to download file kodi and save and install in linux?
or It will also later this option in linux ?

Meanwhile, the current situation in linux mint, i Complicated In Trminl in installation kodi
so I will be happy to get halp.
If you have looked at the downloadpage properly, you might have found the "guide" for "how to install Kodi for Linux" in the wiki:

HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Linux (wiki)

Everything is explained in there. So please take a look and follow the commands you will find in there.

and it's ok to Copy and stick this Characters from the guide to the terminal instead typing this in terminal ?
i have kodi, genesis etc on my fire tv, but just lately been getting streaming problems, or no threads, somebody said update it which i have and now there are files missing, can someone help me go through the motion for getting my genesis working please, love my films of all types, if they know of any other add ons people are using for up to date movies i can add them please.

you can do it the way you like best....either copy and paste or type by yourself.


don't start highjacking others threads. If you have a question, then please make you own thread. But, to answer your question...

we can't help you, because Genesis is one of those banned addons. Read the Forum Rules please...especially the banned addons part.

You have to ask, where you get this addon from.

oh sorry new to this,
David1977 -What reason I can not send you Private Message

I'm interested in helping the matter of
How to watch in kodi the same streaming tv from the page internet?
Not enough postings...

And there is no need to send me a private message. Everything, that can be discussed, can be discussed in this thread. So if you are talking about the same illegal services penny was talking about, I can't and will not help you. I won't support users who pirate video.

For everything else, you have to look if an addon exists for the service (the website) you want to watch. If there is something in the official addon repo, then simply install the addon and enjoy the streams. If it isn't in the official addon repo, don't expect any support from me or here in this forum. I would recommend to you as well, to read the Forum Rules and the banned addons part, to be sure you don't talk about those addons.

I mean to streaming tv via the Internet is legal
so how i cat whatch this streaming tv via the kodi?
& bay thw way how match posting i neet to get rigat to send Private Message?
Not any stream in the internet is legal. So please let us know which website you are talking about.

I think it's 10 postings, but I'm not sure
I mean this stream from official web site
My uncle also understand Greek
so how can watch this stream via kodi via playlist Personally, no from addon & no from Repository,
Ah, ok...

So if you know the exact link to that stream, you can do it like explained in here: Internet_video_and_audio_streams (wiki)

I can't help much with that, because I never used it.
(2015-07-31, 09:28)David1977 Wrote: [ -> ]Ah, ok...

So if you know the exact link to that stream, you can do it like explained in here: Internet_video_and_audio_streams (wiki)

I can't help much with that, because I never used it.

And if I use IN LINUX WITH THIS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_%28software%29
CAN I install KODI Through the option of windows in Safely?
Why would you install Wine for running Kodi under Linux? Kodi is available for Linux, too. So there is no reason to install Wine. Wine just allows you to run Windows applications on a Linux system if the application is NOT available for Linux. As Kodi is available there´s absolutely no reason to use Wine. It will get you more issues than it will help you.

If you don´t want to read the How to install for Linux wiki I linked you to, I can´t help you anymore. Requirements for this forum are at least to read and trying to understand Wiki pages.

Sp either you follow this: HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Linux (wiki)

or you are on your own.

If you are not familiar with Linux or don´t want to read and learn, you can either go the openelec way: http://openelec.tv/get-openelec which is for beginners like you or you better install windows again and use Kodi on this

& bay the way
How do Linux before installing the Hard Disk screenshot?
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