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Full Version: LiveTV Forever "Buffering" in Kodi
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This is just a "Worked for me" How To. It might help someone who was having the same issue as I and did not find the exact fix.

This particular problem was NOT an issue with Kodi (14.2) or TVHeadend (4.0.5) or HDHomeRun Connect (version 06152015) or any plugins. This was user error.

If you see a constant "Buffering" when attempting to open LiveTV in Kodi and no video, check this setting:

Open the TVHeadend page (usually localhost:9981) and then click on Configuration --> DVB Inputs ---> Mux Schedulers.

And make sure Mux Schedulers is empty. If something is scheduled in there (because you might have put it in there), it will use up one or all of the available tuners. Kodi would then get hung up on trying to access LiveTV..

Another good tip: Don't do a dumb thing like me and use TVHeadend AND Kodi to schedule shows. Just use Kodi. Smile

Hope this helps someone.