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Full Version: Cannot add some files through smb
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I'm confused about the instructions for adding files through smb.

I already have a Movies tab and a TV Shows tab on my home page where stuff from my video addons appear.

But now I'm adding my own video library through smb in addition to the library I already have.

I have added a separate video source for movies that I have from ripped DVDs that I own, as well as a separate source for TV Shows.

The smb movies show up along with the other Movies in my Library. The TV shows do not appear with other TV shows. In fact only one show out of two is visible at all and only in the file browser.

The source of these files is a Mac with two folders shared.
It sounds to me like there is something wrong about how you are naming your TV Shows and folders. Have a look at the Wiki Naming_video_files/TV_shows (wiki)

I find it also helps to have a web browser open on thetvdb.com so you can manually compare show names.

The Mac bit shouldn't matter, and if you have got some visible then this also shows there is no problem with how your SMB sharing is setup. This is all down to tweaking of filenames.
Thanks for the help! It was indeed a problem with my file naming. First I didn't know it mattered for TV Shows since it doesn't with movies so I hadn't given much attention to the names at all.

And when I had tried renaming a show it didn't show up anyway because it was marked as watched for some reason and therefore hidden.

Things are looking pretty good now. Apart from having to rip some 1300 DVDs. Well, I guess I can live with only a few of them. Smile

Thanks again!