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Full Version: OSX Kodi on Windows Shares
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I've just spent a couple of weeks troubleshooting my Kodi/ArgusTV installation, and I thought I should share my findings on what I believe to be a bug.

Currently I have my Tuners and shares set up on a Windows 2008 R2 server, with an ArgusTV (v2.3) backend. Everything works perfectly when I connect to this backend from a Windows front end - just plug the share location and credentials into the ArgusTV addon and it streams perfectly. However, I had a spare Macbook lying around and wanted to use this as my primary front end. I installed Kodi (v15.0) and promptly went about setting up the ArgusTV addon as I had done for the Windows boxes. Everything worked fine until it came to streaming the data, it would get stuck at 0%. I learned that this was an error with the shares access, so I created new users, and tried a huge number of different user credentials and share properties to no avail. I was able to easily connect to the share in finder, but Kodi was having huge trouble. Eventually I gave up on Live TV and set up the TV/Movies folders in Kodi. Guess what? Live TV started working...

For some reason, Kodi needs share access (via the TV Shows menu) before it is able to stream from a Windows share in OSX for Live TV. Is there a Global Share access option in Kodi somewhere? Perhaps there should be?

Anyway, I just thought this might help someone in the future to avoid the many hours of pain that I have been through.