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Full Version: Has Quartz been abandoned?
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I have seen a few posts about Isengard & Quartz compatibility, and no responses from anyone who may be responsible for the package in respect of querying whether it will be adapted for Isengard.

With such a deafly silence, I do wonder if anyone knows if Quartz has been abandoned as a theme by the creator(s)? And if so, I wonder if anyone with the right skills (not me!) would gladly pickup the challenge and continue this great theme?

It would be a shame to see this theme die, as it is in my opinion one of the slicker themes.
No, not yet. However my "real life" affairs are keeping me away from the skinning at the moment.
Real life?!

Ok great, well glad its not dead as I love this skin, please PAUSE real life for a few weeks! Big Grin
Quartz has been my first not default skin, amber is also a good skin....
Same developer.
I think amber is just better, the best skin I know today.
To be clear I am not talking about the most options... amber is just simple but very smart.
I am trying to find out how to make video playlists under QUARTZ. Under Confluence or Mimic I just click on VIDEOS in the main menu, and one of the options is PlayLists. I cannot find it under QUARTZ, which I like a lot otherwise.
Any idea?