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Full Version: Help choosing NAS
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I am thinking of getting a NAS box but I am not sure which one to choose...
1. Drobo (Not sure which is the best model)
2. QNAP TS-453

I want to make sure that it supports transcoding.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
The 2nd one without a second hesitation.
The best place for NAS info if you ask me...
QNAP TS-453 looks like your winner.
you might want to consider Synology & QNAP (drobo is not even close to these two, in any way) ... the winner will depending on your needs. There is a TON of comparison data at SmallNetBuilder and also on both of the forums for those vendors.

I have a Syno and like it... if I changed boxes I would review QNAP... not sure which I'd pick.