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Full Version: buffering when viewing recorded tv
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After updating to Kodi 15.0 from 14.2 I've got a problem with watching recorded tv.
All the time, not debending on the bitrate of recording, I get buffering. It is the same on mac and windows.
When I create an m3u with a link from tvheadend web, go to videos->m3u, the video is playing without problems.

In 14.2 it's working ok for TV and M3U.

What is your CPU load when buffering issues occur?
(2015-08-08, 16:24)glenn 1990 Wrote: [ -> ]What is your CPU load when buffering issues occur?

But the processor is quite good, core i7-3770, 16GB RAM

And when I run the same file via http, it works fine.
Same situation here.

During my testing I noticed that the problem started with Isengard Alpha 2.
In Alpha 1 with Client Version 2.1.1 watching recorded video works without buffering.

My Clients are 2 Fire TV and 2 Fire TV Sticks. In my opinion CPU Power can not be the reason, because if I play the Files directly via File Manager from within Kodi, everything works without buffering. I also don't have any problems with Live TV, even in 1080i HD.

TVHeadend Version is 4.0.3 at the moment, running with 4 SAT/IP Tuners, but I don't think this has anything to do with the problem as it is running fine with Isengard Alpha 1.
Seems it won't be fixed until at least 15.1
Can you guys still compare cpu usage of such a recording and live tv?

The issue mentioned is caused by multiple epg checks when playing recordings (from inside pvr windows), these checks will increase the cpu usage and cause stuttering.
Live Tv doesn't do these checks so here the cpu load should be lower, can you confirm this?
So, if I understood you correctly, the following should be done:
1) watching live tv, measure cpu usage
2) record the same program
3) open the recording, measure cpu usage

I can do this tonight.
Ok, here are the results with my Fire TV, tested with German TV Channel 3SAT HD in 720p50:

Live TV: approx. 40% CPU Usage
Recorded TV Show: up to 100% CPU Usage

If I play the same recorded TV Show with KODI's Player, CPU Usage is approx. 50% and the file plays without interruptions.
So, watching live tv ~5%:

Watching the same recording: significantly bigger CPU usage, up to 100% on a core:
Running into the same problem over here, stuttering even on a i7. No problems when viewing the same recording via Kodi's "standard" videoplayer.
Still the same after updating to Kodi 15.1.

Is there any possibility to switch off the mentioned EPG Tag in TVHeadend?
(2015-08-17, 20:31)Feierstarter Wrote: [ -> ]Still the same after updating to Kodi 15.1.

Is there any possibility to switch off the mentioned EPG Tag in TVHeadend?

If you are able to compile pvr.hts, you could use my modded isengard version:
Is this still broke in 15.2?

Moved my system to vdr because of this, but would rather go back to tvh
^ Yes
(2015-09-09, 15:22)robo989 Wrote: [ -> ]^ Yes


To me this is a pretty critical bug for pvr, surprised it's not got more priority.
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