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Full Version: Custom video nodes
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Now the skin's being updated for more full compatibility with Isengard, one thing that would also be nice to include is access to the new Custom_video_nodes (wiki). At the moment all we can use to add thing to the UI is to add favourites to it, but being able to add the new nodes would make it a lot more flexible and powerful. But at the moment as you can't seem to make a custom node a favourite (at least that I can see) then they aren't directly usable in Amber.

Of course the fixed and such take precedence, but I thought I'd add the request here in a separate thread to make it known (as you asked for the Isengard thread to be for bugfixes and pushes, not requests Wink ).
Thanks, once I release Amber for isengard for the official repo I'll have a look at this.
Nice one.

One other little one that would be nice (but is unrelated completely) is a button on the relevant screens to click to bring out the left hand blade menu. It's the one problem I have with Amber on my tablet (Nexus 7) - getting the side-tap right to bring out the blade menu is almost impossible in screens like the movie content list.

I've tried to use a touchscreen.xml to assign the blade menu to a touch gesture, but couldn't get that to work.