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Full Version: Frame drops and skips
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I'm running with MMAL acceleration only (necessary to use my HiFiBerry DAC+) and using the composite output in PAL mode. I'm actually using my Plasma TV's SCART input to test but this RPi v2 is destined for my brother who only has a CRT TV.

I've noticed a lot of frame drops and skips, whether I have deinterlace enabled (AUTO) or disabled. When I first checked, I think it was around 479 skipped but I figured that might have been as a result of toggling between full-screen and the EPG/menus, so I restarted the channel and I had a lot less after that but still noticed some gaps in audio and stutters in the video. On this test I had deinterlace on Auto. I tried with deinterlace off and that seemed to reduce them but not entirely and even when starting the channel again with deinterlace disabled, there were quite a few gaps/drops in audio for the first few minutes, although it settled down after that. On the third try, I think there were a total of 73 skipped frames (1 dropped) by the time the programme finished and whilst 49 of those occurred with deinterlace on and after I disabled it, that only increased slightly to 52 over the next few minutes, later on there were a couple of obvious stutters/gaps and on checking it had jumped to 63 and the next time, 72.

I uploaded the log after this, which was 554MB but I've compressed it down to 31MB: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fDI89...sp=sharing

I then left TV running for several hours (not watching it, so couldn't observe any issues) with deinterlacing disabled and when I checked there was something like 144 drops and 646 skips.

Is there any way to fix this as it makes LiveTV quite unwatchable?