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Also found a HUGE bug. If a user is trying to view a sponsor video and the video is a non-Roosterteeth video (i.e. it is AchievementHunter or FunHaus), the video will FAIL.

The reason it fails is because you hardcoded the login URL to 'http://roosterteeth.com/login' but you need to use the respective login page.

For example, if video_page_url is "http://roosterteeth.com/episode/ahwu-2016-316", you try to send the login POST request to http://roosterteeth.com/login but if you actually click http://roosterteeth.com/episode/ahwu-2016-316, it redirects to AH website which means you need to use http://achievementhunter.com/login as the login URL.

Message me and I will send you my code that condenses your code by about 400 lines and works for all videos (sponsored, RoosterTeeth, AH, FH, etc)
(I got your PM and emailed you code, I do not have privileges to send PMs yet, lol)
So which one should I download? I have no idea about coding or anything
Use the current one (v1.2.9). A new version (v1.3.0) should pop up soonish.
This actually makes things watchable until I can upgrade my rig. I'll probably keep my sponsorship now.
It seems the update to the RT website on today's date has broken the functionality of the Kodi Add-on. The only content showing up is the "Rooster Teeth", all of the Funhaus, Know, Achievement Hunter, Screw Attack content is no longer populating.
It seems to be working for me. If you got problems with the addon, just reply here with a link to a kodi log file (here are the instructions to make a logfile with kodi: http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy ).
OmnitPhillips, their site has been busy and/or failing, as it is right now. This can cause blanking since the plugin has no content to scrape.

Skipmode, the thing I have noticed is each child site, AH, The Know, FH, SA, and the yet to be added, Game Attack and Cow Chop urls, have "Recently Added" sections of their own. The primary "recently added episodes" url now only has roosterteeth.com's recently added episodes. Each of the child sites will need their own recently added sections. I will hold off on doing anything myself as I'm not the maintainer of this code.
GonadiusPrime, the addon is open source. So if you want to add something, code/test it and send me pull request Smile.
I just may, if I can find the time. Thank you.
I saw the update come down. And this is why I was holding off from doing anything because I would've done it the harder way, nesting the "recently" under each child site. But, this most certainly works, indeed. And thank you. Just one note, Screw Attach Shows and Game Attack shows have spelling errors in their title.
And this brings my lack of familiarity with github. We don't use this at work. I don't want to "fork and edit", I just want to edit strings.po. Again, I'll leave this in your capable hands, hehe, and maybe read up on github.
And again, thanks.
v1.3.2 (2016-10-23):
small fix in debugging info
added recent video's for Achievement Hunter
added recent video's for Fun Haus
added recent video's for Screw Attack
added shows for Game Attack
added recent video's for Game Attack
added recent video's for The Know
added shows for Cow Chop
added recent video's for Cow Chop
added some debug info

I'll fix the typos in a next update sometime.
I applied the update. No videos are populating. Just the channel titles.

I've restarted Kodi, already, logged in / out with my sponsor ID.

I'm using Kodi for Windows 15.2

It's probably related to their webpage having major issues at the moment. It's going on and off, but once it stabilize it should work fine Smile
I love this app. It's so convenient to watch content without having to interface with the RT website. Are there any plans to add an auto play function? It would be most appreciated.
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