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(2018-10-13, 03:00)IamGimli Wrote: [ -> ]Is it just me or is the addon almost unusable now? Every video stutters and eventually stops playing altogether. The lower quality setting I use, the worse it is.

I reported something similar a year ago but got no response, so I assumed the plug-in was dead and deleted it.

But apparently I forgot to unsubscribe to this thread.
It worked fine for me until a few weeks ago.
To clarify: the addon figures out what video file to get based on the settings. It then let's kodi play it. The addon doesn't influence buffering/playing of the video.
Been using this app for a few months with no issue, all of a sudden the past few days I’m getting this no video found error whenever I select a new video in the list, it seems like this has been an issue in the past, but I wasn’t able to figure out how people solved it. Or do I have to wait for an app update?
It seems to work ok for me. Your best bet is to post your debug log here: https://paste.kodi.tv/ and post the link to it here.
I've been noticing that certain videos I play through this addon start about 4-5 seconds into the video. The RWBY series is the clearest example as they start partway through the opening themes. Not all RT videos may be prone to this problem, though. This is with "Adjust display refresh rate" off, by the way, and I can't seem to reproduce the issue outside of the RT addon. I've been able reproduce this issue with 17.6 for Windows and Android TV and with 18 RC5 for Xbox.

Debug log, if it helps: https://paste.kodi.tv/qaromavecu
Hija, i looked at the log and the addon seems to work ok. It gives the url to kodi itself and then kodi will play it. Why this causes a delay, i don't know. Perhaps you can post your question and log on the Kodi windows thread. Good luck.
You appear to be correct. I was able to reproduce the issue putting the URL handed off by the stream in a .strm file, but the same URL works correctly in VLC and youtube-dl. I already had a bug on Kodi's github that I closed when I thought it was only the addon that was affected. I think I will just reopen that with the added context and a new debug log using the .strm file.

I am getting a lot of "no video found" messages lately. Also the menu needs a refresh I believe since the channel "the Know" is no longer a part of roosterteeth and I think it changed to inside gaming

Yeah, ever since yesterday all I get when I select a video is "no video found". I wonder if they changed the format of the links again.
I will have a look.
While you are checking the no video bug, could you also add the Inside Gaming section too? They just added that recently.
I will update the channels.
Thanks for the updated app, everything seems to be working great now!

1.3.10 (2019-03-13)
- fixed videos
- removed the know channel
- added inside gaming channel
- added kinda funny channel
- removed youtube dependency
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