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Full Version: Chapter skipping in MKVs causes certain chapters to repeat for lavf-muxed files
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When rapidly chapter-skipping certain MKV-files, the chapters start repeating instead of proceeding to the next. This always occurs with the same chapter number for each file (although the chapters affected are different between files.)

It appears to be related to the writing library used to generate the MKV files. Files generated using the older libmkv lib are fine, as are files which are written with MakeMKV (using libmakemkv as the writing library)

MKV files written with lavf however (i.e, with FFmpeg or recent Handbrake versions) consistently introduce issues.

I have tried to get some meaningful debug output, but obviously realize that this could be hard to track down without a clip (which would be quite large, unfortunately, as it requires a certain length to trigger). But the issue appears to be reproducible with all FFmpeg-generated MKVs I've tested, and tests I've done with HandBrake which also uses lavf.

Also; when re-muxing the files with Mkvtoolnix the issue still persists, but when rewriting with MakeMKV the issues go away, which leads me to believe there is some weirdness in how lavf-written files are handled.

The files themselves are fine, and the chapter can be skipped if waiting for a couple of seconds (or if simultaneously doing a FF and hitting chapter-skip)

Debug log is here:


Sample clip here (chapter repeat occurs with chapter 3->4, "While you're out, pick up some AA-batteries")


This has been confirmed in the latest Kodi builds on Linux and OSX, and is working in Git:20140604-84725b0 (June 4th, 2014 build), thus making it a regression.

Bug report with further info, including a bisect, is available here: