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Full Version: TV Shows with all the episodes watched still being displayed
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I have hide watched set to get rid of the episodes we have already seen. Until this morning after a reboot fro OS updates, this meant that a TV show with all the episodes marked as watched was also no longer displayed unless one were to go to the side menu and deselect hide watched.

But now some TV shows in the libraries are shown in the list of TV shows, even the ones where all episodes have been watched.

When I go into one those all-watched shows, it is empty except for the arrow to go back up a level. So the hide watched setting is working for the individual episodes and for seasons, just not for the whole TV shows.

Noticing that the TV shows which were being displayed were all from the same source, I removed it and chose to remove those entries from the library. However, after re-adding the source, the problem was still there for those same TV shows.