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Full Version: [RELEASE] Sportsnet Now
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Hello Canadians,

I've made a plugin so that we can access Rogers' Sportsnet Now. You will require your MSO (eg: Rogers, Bell, etc) logon. Please no account sharing discussion here. Currently, the plugin is available on github. Latest git zip is available here, but I will be requesting that it is pulled into the main repo.

*Please report any bugs, accompanied by a log file* http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy. Please ensure to turn on CURL and FFMPEG logging.

Currently Supported Providers:

- Rogers
- Shaw

Unsupported Providers (please see post #3):

- Bell
- Source Cable Limited
- Telus
Hi no selection for Bell
I'm going to break my own rule about account sharing (let this be the one and only exception). I only have a rogers account, so I cannot add any of the other providers. To work around this, you can:

1) Clone the git repository and add support for your provider yourself (and then make a pull request)
2) Temporary change your logon credentials and PM them to me so I can add support (then change them back after of course).

100%, I understand if people aren't comfortable sharing that information with a random guy on the internet, so I will try and find some friends IRL who can help. But, until then I can't really do much about the other logons.
I just joined the kodi group and was unable to pm you. Can i give my email address so u can contact me. I want to send u my Rogers login info

Thx Habsofsteel
Rogers already works. @eiocan, For now it appears Bell isn't supported at all by sportsnet -- see http://now.sportsnet.ca/ and try to login.
@micahg This is a great idea for Canadian Kodi users. I'll test this out later. Thanks so much!
Are you planning on making more add-ons similar to this (such as TSN, CTV)? I was also inquiring in another thread if any developer would be able to tackle W Network website, lots of free full episodes content there.
This is huge! I have an account with Cogeco and I can use this app on my phone/PC already but you're saying it won't work on my android with Kodi? I tried to PM you but it won't let me...would love to assist in getting this working with Cogeco as the provider!!!
I'd _love_ to add TSN and the rest of the online content, but they use a different encryption (I already looked). @Daiken, I PM'd you, see if you can reply.
This sounds great - even though I don't have a log in for it. Was wondering if it would be possible to develop an addon in the same way for star sports - the premium sports TV station in India. Shows English premier league football and cricket amongst a load of other sports. No accounts needed either as its all free to air!

Congrats on a great addon mate!
Hi micahg....got your PM but I can't reply to you....please do contact me in a week
Me again...sorry to bump this thread again but really want to say how good the star sport website is! Like I said, there is no subscription required to watch their channels - only a VPN would be required. As well as the sports I mentioned above, they also have MLB and I must add that it is the regular commentators. Also has 'one fighting championship' swimming world championships and iaaf athletics amongst others. Really worth checking out. Is it possible to use this site for something similar to what you are using for this addon?
I wish everyone could use this addon.. i cut the cord a few months back so, i don't have any Providers to use as a login. but nice work man Smile
I get internet through eastlink. What is an mso? How can this be made for us all to use. Sorry if i seem new to all of this. I agree the work done on kodi is solid.
My hope is to watch hockey this year on kodi. Can someone help me make my dream come true.
does this support Sportsnet World?
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