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Full Version: AFTV Stick Errors
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Still all new to this and working my way around things so go easy and any help on these issues is very helpful.

So, I used adbfire to make a backup of my existing setup on the AFTV Stick to restore it onto 2 other stick for around the home.

After attempting this backup a few times I eventually got Backup complete. I installed the Kodi APK onto the 2nd stick, hit restore and chose my kodi backup. All ran smoothly and it said restore success.

When I launch Kodi I have a couple of errors and wondered if anyone knew how to fix this as at the moment I cannot get my PC connected over SMB:

1. Argus TV Client keeps saying connection lost?
2. I have lost some background images so when I hover over movies for example it's a black screen? How do I find these background images again to link them? I would install new ones but see next issue.
3. When I try and connect to my laptop over SMB it is asking me for username and password, obviously I know the username but I don't have a password on my laptop and if I leave it blank the window just keeps popping up?

Is it going to be beneficial to me to try and make another backup as it seems some of my settings are missing.