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Full Version: TheCocktailDB.com - An Open Cocktail Database with API
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Hi, im using two methods from this api (random and search by name). It works really well, thanks guys! Since it works greats, I wonder why I would need the api key? Is it for you, so you know who is using it and so on?
Good question. Was wondering same Smile. API seems to work without key atm. Maybe there are some limitations.
Anyone get the error XMLHttpRequest cannot load and No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource and know how to solve this? The API and its methods worked fine for a couple of days then i get these errors and nothing works.
Maybe that is API key for? Hope Zag replays soon.
Some API stats....

Total Requests Last Month = 3,000,714
Total Bandwidth Last Month = 122 GB
Total Unique Visitors Last Month = 13,504

I'll get round to the API keys tonight, please give me more info on your applications. Links ect
Hey Zag, for some reason i still cant send you PM's, but however Smile about the app: it gona use all features that your api provide. Idea is to make cocktails for party Tongue or if you are home and wona drink something mixed from things what you got Smile. Design is already done, once it is developed and its on app store will give you link to it Smile ( i hope there will be android version soon too ). PM me if you want your website to be linked in app Tongue, and with which API call i have to use the API Key .

Thanks in advance.
I'm a student at UVA and I am building a mixology app as a test project for getting started with react and I was hoping to use your API, but I am unable to send you a pm...would it be possible for me to get a client id and a secret id so that I can access your API?
Hello, some one know how to use API key? I don't see any parameter in the API calls, either i see a API call for register the API key. If some one know please explain . Thanks in advance Smile.
I am student that wants to use the API for a team project we are building. Do we need the API key to make this work?
Any advice on how to implement the key would be appreciated.
Nope. As stated in the first and second post in this thread there is a fully working test/personal Api key that you can use.

You only need an Api key if you are going to release a product or large project.

See post 2 for instructions

Thanks I missed that first paragraph. Reading is fundamental.
Great thanks Zag Smile.
Hey Zag,

The API looks great! would I be able to get a key to it? I'm a student making a small app for a project that does eventually have to be published.

Hi zag,

I love your API and would like to use it to build an app! Is it possible to get an API key?

Hello Zag,
Just a quick message to tell you that we are a group of french students who will build a mixology webapp for the final course project. We will use the API key that you provide in the first post but let us know if you want us to get another API key.
Best regards from Paris !
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