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Full Version: TheCocktailDB.com - An Open Cocktail Database with API
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Hi Zag,
A few problems:-
The lemon-lime mix from the ingredients is missing.
Also, once you click into a drink, the bottom bar (Home, About Us, FAQ etc) doesn't seem to work
Is there any way I can check the missing cocktail images? Much like TheGamesDB you can see missing artwork etc.
Cool I've fixed the footer links now.

Also made a missing image page: http://www.thecocktaildb.com/missing.php

Added lemon-lime.png
I've uploaded a pic of Baby Guinness in thanks. Hmm.. I might have to learn how to use a lightbox and have a bit of fun making the recipes... hic!
(2016-09-10, 12:43)MyTechApps Wrote: [ -> ]I published my Cocktail App for iOS and Android:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cocktail...&ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ocktail2go

Awesome, just installed and it works nicely.

Image Image Image

EDIT: Added app links to about http://www.thecocktaildb.com/about.php
(2016-09-10, 11:56)Digital Vortex Wrote: [ -> ]I've uploaded a pic of Baby Guinness in thanks. Hmm.. I might have to learn how to use a lightbox and have a bit of fun making the recipes... hic!

Having tried this myself, the quality of pictures tends to go up the more you do/drink

Or maybe thats just what it seemed like at the time in my drunken haze... Big Grin

We certainly need more people uploading images, I can't do them all myself. Only 2,800 to go....
All hail a new addition to the site courtesy of a emailed user request:

The Jam Donut!!

For a bit of decadence, substitute the Baileys with Bailey's Choc Luxe - a Belgian chocolate infused Baileys.. Jam Donut #2 or maybe Chocolate Jam Donut? Wink
Hey guys. Let me show my Cocktails app too. Its totally free Smile

For now its only for iOS, but soon there will be Android version too.

Zag i can make link resource DB leading to your website in the app too if you want Smile.

PS: There may be missing recipes because i filter and removing the recipes that are missing images for better user exp. Smile. Inc. soon update with local save on recipes.
Hi zag!

You have a nice API man!

I wanted to PM you but I am for some reason not allowed, just created my KODI account and verified..
I wanted to ask you if I could get a private API key, I am going to make a desktop application to show cocktails and their ingredients etc.

If that project is done I would like to make a android app. Those projects are all for educational/personal purposes only.


Hi Zag!

Great API! I was wondering if I could get a key? Im on my placement year from university and my first project is to make a web app about cocktails and this API would help loads! The webapp wont go public.

Any personal apps, just use the test key in the 2nd post of this thread Wink
I just published a Pebble smartwatch app that is powered by TheCocktailDB. It will be fun to mix drinks while reading the recipes from my wrist. Thanks zag for the API!

Here is the link to the app: https://apps.getpebble.com/en_US/applica...a13600021d

Feel free to try it out if you have a Pebble smartwatch. And if you don't - check out www.pebble.com Big Grin
Hi Zag! Great work on the API!

In post #7 you mentioned that most of the API methods are limited to 250 records. Is there any way retrieve the records beyond that limit, either all at once or stepping through 250 records at a time?
Not at the moment, the limit is still 250 for performance reasons.

Updated the about page with the pebble app. Very cool Smile

- Also added image previews on the A-Z pages.

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