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Full Version: TheCocktailDB.com - An Open Cocktail Database with API
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Hi zag!

I wanted to PM you but I am for some reason not allowed, just created my KODI account and verified..
I wanted to ask you if I could get a private API key, I am going to make an android application to show cocktails and their ingredients etc.

Hey Zag,
I am working on an application and would like a private API key as well.

Sent both keys via PM.

Please show off the projects once complete.
I have one more question. Why does it only return the first 25 results when you search for something (ex: "cocktail")? Is there any way to open it up to more results?
No 25 is the limit at the moment for performance reasons.

There are 3000+ cocktails in the DB so specific searches are much better than general strings like "cocktail".

You can use the filters to do things like "alcoholic" and "non alcoholic".
Hi, Great API i really liked it i am building an android application called mixology. Can i have an API key ? Also how do i get more than 250 results.

endisito copied my exact post and changed the word desktop to android.

He received a key, why didnt I get a key?!



My name is Nikhil and I have been recently developing an application using your API. It is an amazing API and i really love the API and its content. The project that i am building is almost complete just a few more days and i would love to get an API key. I will credit the site and database everywhere i can. The application allows the user to save different recipes from different filters.

I also sent an email with the screenshots to your address at [email protected]kodi.com ..
The API is down .. please fix it as soon as possible.. Happy Holidays. Also i would love to have an API key here are some screenshots of my project

Image Image

Image Image

Sent API keys via email and fixed api.
Hi zag

Can i have an api key for cocktaildb?

I'll be glad if i could have one.

Sure sent

I was wondering if I could also get a private key?

Thanks a lot
Site migrated to new host and upgraded to PHP 7.

Lightning quick now! :p

I may look at increasing the api results over 250 if the host can handle it.
API is returning wrong format atm. One of the methods its not working. Will post latter wich one.

Ok Feedback: http://www.thecocktaildb.com/api/json/v1...php?i=list is returning error:

<br />
<b>Warning</b>: Incorrect usage of UNION and LIMIT in <b>C:\inetpub\thecocktaildb\includes\ez_sql_mysqli.php</b> on line <b>272</b><br />
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