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Full Version: Action ID for "hide watched"?
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All I want for Christmas this year is a way to toggle the "Hide watched" filter from a remote button ;)

Not to be confused with the existing action ID, "ToggleWatched", which toggles the watched state on a selected video/directory/show. Rather, I'm talking about the hiding of watched videos that is normally in the sidebar menu. On the skin I'm currently using (Amber) it takes nearly 10 button presses to go over to the sidebar and then scroll down and select the watched filter. Having it possibly be an action will allow all users (regardless of skin) to more conveniently use it as an on-the-fly filter.

Many beers and cheers await the one who can make this happen or point me to an existing solution that I overlooked ;)
hide watched is a built-in button control, with id="14".
kodi allows you to send a 'click' to a button using the sendclick() action.
so what you're looking for is:

this will work in any skin, regardless whether they have this button on the side menu or not.
Thanks ronie :D
heh, thats very intuitive Tongue
don't shoot the messenger. i didn't write this software ;-p